13 mars 2006

Sweaters time

The knitting time has been quite cahotic those last days. I'm learning a lot, but frogging a lot too. And apparently, it is sweater time for me.

I'm trying to knit my first baby sweater. I wanted it colourful. but I must confess that every line I add to it, I'm wondering sould I rip it or not? As Alain seems not to hate it completely, I try a little bit more, but I am not convinced. Not at all. (As you can see the sun has finally condescended to appear her for half an hour. I jumped on my camera...) Are you?


And this:


used to be a half-done sleeve. I had waited until my new addi's circular needles arrive to knit the second sleeve of my hour-glass sweater. Unfirtunately the short circular needle give me a quite different gauge than my double-pointed, or the long circular. I'm having a hard time knitting with those 12" needles. It seems that the points are too close to knit comfortably (maybe it's because I knit continental?), and the needles themselves are to short for my hand. I may once get comfortable, but until then my tension will suffer. I'm trying to keep my tension a bit looser than I'ld do naturally, because my right hand hurts already sufficiently.
Well, so I have to start that sleeve again. But I feel a little bit discouraged. I must decide whether I knit it with the double-pointed needles, as the other one, which would insure a same tension, or if I get the long circular needle out of the body and first sleeve of the sweater, to try to knit the second sleeve with the magic loop. That would be quicker, and I think it would work, but I'm not sure.

So when I received the beautiful Noro Big Kureyon from Little knits, with a 8mm 32" long circular needle that I ordered some days ago to try the Hot Lava pattern, I compensated my deception with the hour-glass sleeve by "just trying a wee bit" of my new big beautiful yarn and the magic loop technique. Guess what? I think it works. At least!


I know the picture are bad, but they are sunny, and it's getting rare those days. So I give you one more of the kureyon, just because I like it so much:


But I'm missing lace. I envy the Panopticon's olympic exercice, let me tell y'a. He tryed Orenberg lace knitting, and managed to make my head spinning out of curiosity.

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