29 juin 2006

Mademoiselle Lapin

At last she arrived there in Texas.
Now I can safely show you the (bad) photos I managed to take on a bad light day (week).

Introducing Mademoiselle Lapin (as Brynne call her).

I really think that she likes to pose!

I followed every single rule of the game. She is mostly Black and white, with a subtile touch of contrast rosey colour:

I used five buttons in obvious and not-so-obvious spots:

I embroidered the initial of the (hopefully) happy recipiend:

Even if she is slightly bulky around the sewing lines, I really get to love her. She is a little crazy I believe, with her pink tatoo and her fish skeleton (love the contrast). But her smile is all tenderness. I loved creating her from weewonderful's nice pattern, I loved the rules and I loved the exchange. Thank you BackTack ladies for the great idea!

3 commentaires:

Jade a dit…

She is darling! I'm sure she is loved in her new home!

Kristin a dit…

That rabbit is adorable. I see what happened to your beautiful shawl. The orange yarn must have been rebelling that week.

Anna a dit…

great bunny! i found you through the month of softies group. Am so excited cause moving to Lausanne (in Tokyo now) in January and wanted to know if there were any fun and crafty mamas living there- looks like there´s at least one!