20 sept. 2006

Someone stole my computer

Some of you (thank you for your infinite patience and perseverance in still coming here) may have notice the lack of news on this blog. I may have acted proud, trying to convince you that a summer, three children, a moving and two jobs where the honest cause of my online silence.
But I must confess now that it was a pityful attempt to hide the sad truth: My laptop has been taken away from me for more urgent and important purposes.

It all started with an innocent film watching.

Then a conspiration of three cute angels kindly requested it for some serious gaming:

And now even when the children are sleeping, a furry monster keep it all for herself:

There is no way I will be able to write to you the next days, I am afraid... Please excuse my weakness.

4 commentaires:

Jade a dit…

Heehee, very funny. And such darling little thieves ;-)

ceriseaukirsch a dit…

bien joué!

Alison a dit…

Should we tell the authorities?!!

katie a dit…

what a perfect excuse - let them enjoy themselves and give yourself a break! beautiful!