29 juin 2007

A better week

Well I have gathered a few nice flowers of happiness since last post.

- My new wheel is (finally) arrived. The american and the swiss post seems to have work hand-in-hand to make her trip as long as possible. But I don't mind because she is a beauty and works extremely well. I bet that you will soon have some good chance to droll over photos of her and the yarn we made together. (I am almost ready to buy a second camera for this house. I am too frustrated by the actual situation.)

- Sherwood has been found! My dear middle son has open his mini-wallet... and the pullover was hidden there! I was really happy and relieved to see it again. One can get attached to hose hand-made things, you know. Apparently the tiny one wanted to take this wallet with him on his last trip to their grandparents, his father put the sweater in it, and promptly forgot all about it. Shame! Hopefully he will be a bit more carefull from now on.

- We have been dining friday night with new friends and partying all saturday with old friends. Wednesday the whole school party was nice and well organized, but the best part of it was the secret surprize prepared by the children and their fathers. At the end of the little jungle-themed show the fathers got up and went dancing with their little ones. A fun, cute, hilarious, and moving moment. I am proud of my daughter and of her father too, of course. (Yes, why. Of course he was the best dancer. Although strangely my friend Lulu seems not to agree with me...)

And much more, but it is time to go to bed. I wish you a nice week-end.

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