14 sept. 2007

She is back to school

And this is the "serious" one now. I am having lots of second thoughts with this one, as it is so different as the one I've been lucky enough to attempt when I was a child. My school was in the public system of Geneva, but was a test-curriculum inspired by Rudolf Steiner and other Waldorfs currents. I loved it, and I so wish that my children could love school as much as I did, and live a happier childhood. For the moment, my daughter is going to the public "traditional" school. It was all right (but not ideal) when she was in the "enfantine" (preschool) cycle. But now things are going to a direction I do not like.
And she must travel two hours per day for that.
She says that she likes it. But let's face it: she already knows how to read and count better than she will have to at the end of the two-years cycle. She will have no possibility to do art or read confortably or dance or play when the other are learning what she already knows. And she has to be away from home almost 8 hours per day, with two hours of comuting to a school that is only two or three kilometer away... How can she not become bored and exhausted?
I am worried.

At least she will have beautiful hand-made home-made creations to remember her the spirit of our family. The Tomten is out of the wardrobe, and she has a brand new apron sewed by her mother with a machine bought by her grandmother, with a fabric that used to be her grand-grand-mother's.
I am smiling again!

And here just one more detail of the fabric, because I love it so much. You can have much more on flickr if you like it too!

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fleur a dit…

Qu'est-ce que c'est joli, tout ce que tu fais!

knititch a dit…

i agree with fleur. including your cute daughter. it is difficult these days to be a smart student and an average student. all attention is given to the weaker student due to lack of money to the schools. isn't that sad.

greenolive a dit…

it is a beautiful fabric!

Nora a dit…

The fabric is gorgeous!

[I found you via your comment at Greenolive.]