1 nov. 2007

Not-so-gnomey hat: one year later

Do you remember my Not-so-gnomey hat?

Well one year later it still fits him:


About two years ago I wished I could knit to do the lovely gnomey hat.


Now it has been used and washed for one full year, and we still love it. (kiss)


Hand knitted hats are amazing.
Little boys too.

5 commentaires:

PaMdora a dit…

Another little doll!

sand354 a dit…

Il est très beau ton bonnetkdcttokw

michele a dit…

adorable - the hat and your little boy. nice photos too.

it's such a nice feeling when we knit something that is well loved by others.

Kiwas hobbysider a dit…

Adorable! love the hat, and the little boy.

I just have to thank you for the pattern one skein noro hat! I just loved it!! And one Noro hat was borne yesterday.

melusine_tricote a dit…

Il est super marrant ce petit bonnet !