16 avr. 2012

What's next?

We are back from Australia now. We drove there from Brisbane to Perth with a tiny campervan, much smaller than most australian cars - at least in the countryside.

marcher dans un parc national australien - un bonheur inoubliable
 The voyage has been amazing: We got the luxury of freedom and time. We met numerous nice and generous people. We made new friends. We saw and heard some incredible birds, picturesque trees, impressive and beautiful places and lots of exotic animals. The kids learned english and improved their reading. We all got closer and bound new links between us. We explored and discovered with astonishement and fascination a country so different to our small Switzerland it seems impossible.

dernière halte du voyage: promenade à Windsor UK pour dégourdir nos jambes
We are now back in the cold and the rain, but the joy to see our friends and family balances the feeling of melancholy that comes with the grey sky and the end of the trip. And I can come back to Filambulle.

I still have (lots of) things to rearrange in our home but I try to keep calm, carry on and smile. I have lots of ideas and projects, and I am curious to see what will happen next. I am already working on a new and (I hope) clever t-shirt knitting pattern. Someone asked me to translate my patterns in french. I need to blog on the pattern I published on Ravelry just before leaving six months ago. My fabric stash is also calling me...

I won't get bored.

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