24 déc. 2005

Play it again, Sam

Ce soir, j'ai fait de l'hybridation. Voici les trois parents de mon nouveau-né:
Tonight I played Frankenstein. Here are the parents of my newborn:

Il a des raies comme celui-ci.
He's got some stripes like this one.

Il a la forme de base de celle-ci (mais comme c'est un mâle, il n'en a pas la poche marsupiale)
He took the basic shape of that one (but as he is a male one, he doesn't have that marsupial pocket).

Il a un bouton comme celui-ci.
He also has a nice button, like this one.

S'il ne va pas à l'ipod de mon père, peut-être que j'en aurai bientôt l'utilité?
And if he don't fit my father's ipod, maybe I will soon have some use for him?

Mais il est bien trop tard pour prendre une photo! Bonne nuit.
But it is way too late for a picture. Good night.

4 commentaires:

Jade a dit…

I hope you have a wonderful holiday! Ho Ho Ho!

smarcoux a dit…

Hope you and your family had a wonderful xmas season .. ohh Leon .. what a sweetheart he is. I am just keeping up with your blog to see the progress and there is your new little angel .. I will keep in touch
take care
Dangling by a thread

Anonyme a dit…

hi, melissa here! I came over after you left a comment on my site (quiet cricket..)
Thank you for visiting and I really enjoyed reading your blog... will be checking in with you in Switzerland from now on. Your baby is super sweet!

Mumintroll a dit…

Thank you for your comment on my site. Its a great pleasure to read your blog.