7 janv. 2006

And again!

About a week ago, I bought some groovy funky heavy worsted yarn at my LYS (see? I have picked some knitters vocabulary, now!). It's cold here, so I wanted to knit me a much-needed hat.
Yesterday, inspired by this post (thanks Amanda) I took my biggest needles, and tryed to create my own version on-the-go. I must have cast on tree times at least. But as my worked progressed, I became a little anxious. I was quite right!

My supposed-to-be a hat:

Clearly wants to be a béret:


It wouldn't be too bad, but it's also clearly too large for me. And I can tell you it's not so often that I find a hat too large for my huge head!

Monster Cat

Pardon me, this is the right picture:


Now all I have to do is un-do! And do again... Not really feeling like to. Maybe tomorrow?


That last picture just for the pleasure of Léon's fans. He was much arrreeuuuuing today. Even to the red and white music doll. Can you believe that the booties I made for him are too small? Still wearable, but they're not really pretty now. And the hat is getting small too! Happy-sad feeling...

Pour celles qui me connaissent réellement bien, ne vous inquiétez pas pour le brun, je vais bien, j'ai juste voulu voir ce que ça fait...

6 commentaires:

amanda a dit…

oh but that yarn is so gorgeous! too bad it's too big!!

Rexclick a dit…

Elle est super jolie, Moulinette!
Le gros nez, ç'est crucial pour les rex cornish!

Christine a dit…

Léon est adorable ! Et ton béret vraiment très beau.

Toni a dit…

I agree, that yarn is wonderful! What a cute baby you have, love that expression.

dijanne cevaal a dit…

Happy and safe New year to you! So lovely to see Leon who was a bump in your tum when I met you at Val d'Argent. I love the knitting yarn. Maybe one of these days I will pull out my knitting needles again!

filambulle a dit…

yes, yes, that yarn is pretty! But unfortunately, is squeaks when I knit it with my plastic needles!