19 janv. 2006


Well I thought I must keep you informed that I'm busy:

- taking care of three adorable and demanding children

- knitting my first "real" sock (ie without seams). I finished the first one yesterday night, and started the second this morning. I'm using a short-row technique (learned for the occasion) and tiny needles. But not as tiny as the pattern called for, so unsurprisingly my socks are bigger than planned. With some luck they will fit Benoît (although it's Léon who really need some).

- trying to write down a pattern for my clapomitaines. Not easy, 'cause I didn't take much notes, and it's my first attempt on writing knitting instructzions for others.

Actually I'm in fact nursing Léon when writing this post with one hand, and helping Ben with the same right hand (call me shiva).

So I hope it'l be worth waiting my next post.
Until then, I wish you a nice sunny day!

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