23 janv. 2006

Noro Kureyon Hat - Bonnet Noro Kureyon

I have a few finished but not yet blogged objects I wanted to show you. Let's start with the Noro Kureyon Spiral Hat:


Yarn: Noro Kureyon
Needles: Circular and DPN 5,5 mm (I think)
Pattern: inspired by a few One Skein Hat googled.

This is my fourth hat. This time I got the right size, even if it is a little bit too deep. I don't mind: I wear it folded and it hides the less-liked color that came just at the wrong moment.
I like the color and feel of this yarn. The hat is not warm enough for the icy-wind we have here those days, but it is otherwise pleasant to wear. I'm particularly proud of my spiral pattern, and would (will) knit it again with great pleasure. I have had largely enough yarn, and will not be so worried next time I try a hat with the Kureyon.

BTW it's the second time I used that yarn. One of my very first knitted object was a two-skeins scarf, from Joelle Hoverson's Last Minute Knitted Gifts that I made for my daughter. I didn't bother to wash it when finished, nor block it. but I learned since that the wool is much more comfortable and soft after a gentle wash. So I did wash Plume's scarf. Hopefully she will agree that it's not so itchy after all.

As for the pattern, I googled "one skein noro hat" and combined the information I found with the oh-so-inspiring beauties of Marnie Mac Lean of yourse i wanted something like her Nautilus Hat. But mine is knitted from bottom to top (I think her method may be best for sizing). I like the sort of ribbing I get with the diminutions.

Here is another photo, to show you the wonderful colors of the yarn:

edited to add: Pattern to come VERY soon!!!

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sylvie Mamina a dit…

Bonjour Manuele.
Comment vas-tu? Ce chapeau est une petite merveille ! Le point les couleurs tout me plais ! bravo il est très réussi :)))
Peux-tu me dire où trouvé les explications j'aimerai bien recommencé à tricoter :)))) il est loin le temps où je tricotais les pulls de toutes ma petite famille !
Gros bisous
Sylvie Mamina

filambulle a dit…

Coucou Sylvie.
J'ai fait une recherche avec les mots "noro hat one skein", puis j'ai créé mon propre modèle avec les infos récoltées. Il est tout simple à faire. Envoies-moi un mail si tu veux, je tenterai de me rappeler comment j'ai fait.

Anonyme a dit…

Bravo pour ce bonnet super !
J'aimerai bien avoir aussi les détails de la réalistions si c'est possible.
Bravo pour ton site que je découvre.

Crystal a dit…

Hi! Did you happen to write out this pattern? I have a skein of Noro for which I've been looking for a hat to knit, and I love this, it's great!

John R a dit…

How did you get the spiral? I am just beginning to learn about traveling stitches. I have experimented, but not been able to duplicate the effect. Thank you.

filambulle a dit…

I am sorry! I keep postponing the writing of the pattern. I have moved, must still find my hat hidden in the moving boxes (i know...)
John, for th etravelling stitches, here is what I did:
(you read from right to left, from bottom to top.)
Do you get the idea? You knit the yos each rank one stitch on the left . It gives you the spiral of the straight portion of the hat. For the top, you must decrease twice as much, so for instance you decrease before AND after each yo.
Give attention to the way you decrease. ssk and k2tog do not give the same effect. You can also k3tog after the yo. Honestly, I don't remember what I did. I really should find my hat back.
Please ask if you need more explanations.

filambulle a dit…

PS.: I really should upgrade my account on flickr. Sorry for the missing photo. It will come back when I get the money.

filambulle a dit…

I did write the pattern in english. It should be posted VERY quickly now! ;-)

Bev a dit…

Thank you "Filambulle". There's a US firm asking you to buy Cashmere yarn at $42/skein to get this hat pattern! I think the only difference is there are 10-12 stitches between yo's.

You are the best!

Bev, Toronto, Canada