20 avr. 2006

tastes and colours

I am into Back Tack III. And most amazed by the fact that I will be receiving something from Alison herself. She sent me the questions below. I thought I could as much post them here. For archival interest, you know.
Alison, I added some details, in pink.

1. What is your favourite colour at the moment? And the colour you would be really dissappointed to see if you opened a package from me.
I love all colours, I believe. I like to play, mix and match them. Of course it depends of "what" or "for whom"... but you will rarely find pastels on my life (sometimes mixed pastels), and I will never wear brown or camel, even if I try hard.
For the favourite colour at the moment, I let you see my blog.

2. What is your favourite food?
This is a very hard question. When I was in Canada, I missed cheese a lot. I love a good slice of bread, I need some fresh vegetables regularly, and I cook pasta every week.
But I would be very glad to live by the sea, and eat some "plateau de fruits de mer" more often. And I love sushi.

3. Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate?
Coffee with cinamon (or cardamome, or anis, or any spice), sugar and milk, thanks (I get more light when I am not nursing)

4. Sweet tooth?
Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate. Milk chocolate now (still the nursing thing) Spiced chocolate now and always.

5. Favourite music?
Tom Waits, Andreas Scholl, Bach, french songwriters. The street musicians when they are inspired.
no no: techno, girlsband, boysbands, anythingbands... anything commercial, thanks.

6. Your children are very beautiful - what things are they into (ok I know the 4month old probably isn't into much except his hands!) - what toys, what books, etc
Plume is quickly getting an amazing designer and painter (she trains herself each day). She sings wonderfully and dance well too. I may not tell her enough, but I am amazed by her. She likes many kind of book, and have a great hand to choose the one she needs to listen to before going to bed, when she gets sad or angry. two of our common favourite are "Le génie de la boîte de raviolis", and "Un coeur qui bat".
And as any girl aged 5, she loves anything pink and glittery. But in the crayon box, she uses each and every colour.

Benoît likes to study physics (he makes his spoon or anything fall down and study the facts). He dreams of having a horse, but broke many legs of the wood ones, by making them run hard on the wall.He speaks very well, copy his sister constantly (and drives her crazy by doing so). He runs, dance, and want to do all himself. His favourite book hero is Barbapapa, which I love, but get a little bit tired of.
He is the sweetest boy in the world, very charming and very nice. But it is hard for him to control his agressive impulses. Jealousy is a real challenge here at the moment.

Léon likes to be hold in the arms, and want to be part of the play. He loves his maman, smiles a lot to his sister and brother, and sings to his parents. He often needs to rest in a peaceful room, and would like to convince his mother to make him taste her plate now. (She thinks he must wait until he is 6 months old.)
For him the best stories are the one I invent with our secret language, when I change his diapers. (Though he is trying to eat "Un coeur qui bat" right now, on my lap.) He has recently discovered the joy to take his feet in his hands. And grab anything he can, including his mother's knitting of course.

7. Do you have a favourite yarn brand or type?
I love the natural yarn. The (very) rare attempt of using novelty or mostly-acrylic ones have been fiascoes. But I have not tryed many yarn yet.

8. Do you have a favourite style of something to knit - for example, I love knitting children's clothes.
Not yet. I am a beginner (an adventurous one, though). But I love to knit for my children, of course. I love knitting lace too. And would like to learn orenberg style.

9. Do you have a favourite material designer (ie Kaffe Fasset, Rowan, Amy Butler), and do you have favourite things you like to sew?
I like those, and many others. I like to sew small (accessories, softies, children clothes)

10. What other hobbies do you have?
I read. I sing. I take yoga lessons. I like roller blades. I walk. I would like to climb more.
As you can see hereabove, I am much talkative about my child. This show where my life goes at the moment...

3 commentaires:

katie a dit…

what a beautiful picture you create of your children. came here by chance and your descriptions will tempt me back. my babies are all taller than me now and blown to the corners of the world, but i remember the books and the nappy language so well! enjoy them

Alison a dit…

Thankyou - I'll send you chewable knitting needles for the little one :)

Lison a dit…

Merci Binioo, tu es la seule personne qui se préoccupe de l'entretien de mon anglais :))))
Bises au enfants...
PS : Robin n'a pas encore découvert les livres Barbapapa dans la bibliothèque... Ahhhh ils sont cachés, ça doit être ça... Mais qui a bien pu les mettre derrière les autres livres ?