4 sept. 2006

Very happy and late (aka Yarn Matrioshka)

The decision to quit my beloved Lausanne (and a rustic and small flat) for the much more rustic and small Chavornay (and a bigger and better appartment with garden) may well be one of the four very best Al and I took together. And yes, you can guess the three others easely.

First of all I love my new garden, and the freedom it gives to our two biggest children. Second, the country is beautiful, and I enjoy with delights the time passed in the train, going to and coming from my job. It's longer than before, and that is great, as it gives me more time on my own, with no-one to ask or want or wait anything from me, with the rarest exception of one voice coming from above, asking to see my ticket. I am pretty well organized, with either a book and a cold coffee, or my dear ipod running my favourite podcasts and my knitting. I have no time to get bored, and the trip is short enough to take patience when a stupid conversation, a ugly and loud voice, or a bad perfume occur. Don't get me wrong. I am a smiling person, easy going with strangers and most of the time ready for a little chat about the weather or any nice blabla, but sometimes "they" go too far for me for a monday morning. (There are lots of young people in the train, and on monday morning, the coutume seems to ask for discussion about how much alcohol, how sick they where etc. Arkkkghst! Let's go back to safer subjects)

As we hoped when buying this appartment, there are lots of family around here, and Plume has already made herself a couple of very nice friends. In fact the neibourhood is so friendly that we already would feel at home... where they not still mountains (piles?, Alison?) of moving boxes in the house. It takes soooo long to install ourself. Surprisingly, having to dress, food, keep relatively clean and happy three small children does seem to take quite a bit of daily time! I am not counting my half-time job, and Al two different jobs (one for the sunshiny days, one for the rain. Yay! Oh, and if I need another excuse for being late, you can add a handfull of sleepless nights gratuously offered by two teeths and a painfully bunch of nasty spots in Leon's mouth.

So my poor blog has been more than neclected this summer. I am sorry for that. I think often to what I would like to write, and how long it has been since my last post, but really I have no time, or rather to energy to put here. And to say now that I will have no picture to add to this post will add some more depth to my sorrow. But Al needs now the camera for his botanical job, so I never have it when I am alone and quiet. Does it have sense to say: "I have knitted a dozen of beautiful and different washcloths, and pais of sock for me and the assorted wristwarmer, one pair for Leon, am knitting a shwal, green socks for me, etc..." I don't really think so.
So this time I will post no promess, no teasing, only my real regret for not writing here more. And my happiness in enjoying the last drops of summer in my new garden. Jane you must teach me how to grow such beautiful flowers as yours!

And I haven't even post for my bloganiversary!!!!
No. I MUST find a picture to add here. Let's see what I could find...
In the meantime, if you want to make me a nice present for the occasion, you can go buy me a spinningwheel! I'ld love to have a new toy to play with when some nice free time will appear around the corner!
Here you are!

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Bottom a dit…

Salut, Filambulle! I wish I'd consulted you before I travelled to Switzerland last month! You could have given me all sorts of tips about the Swiss knitting scene. I managed to see some very lovely sheep in the Loetschental. My boyfriend's family lives in Basel, Zurich, and Fribourg, all of which probably have nice yarn stores. I hope you are settling in after your move. I look forward to reading your future Filambulle entries!!

Jade a dit…

I'm so happy you have found such a lovely new place to live! It sounds quite wonderful!

Monika a dit…

Thanks for the advise on the Trellis scarf. I might just give it another try. But for now, I've made my very own lace scarf pattern and I'm liking it very much.

Alison a dit…

A pile is really quite small. They are usually made from fabric or wool.
A mountain is very large and daunting, and usually does involve boxes. :)