12 oct. 2006

food for thought - de quoi réfléchir

Bella blue is my favourite photograph on flickr. The amazingly beautiful and spirited pictures she takes and show always inspire me. Of course I am jealous too. I would love to be as talented as she is.
Her daughters are outschooled. And this is a subject that keeps me thinking everytimes I read her comments about it. I wish I could... but I cannot... Or maybe I don't really want to...

There is a good article in wikipedia about that subject. Go see it, and tell me what you think. (Have a look at the discussion in bellablue's photo's comments too. The last ones about her daughter un-outschooled and re-outschooled.)
Bella blue est ma photographe préférée sur flickr. Ses images merveilleuses et pleines d'esprit ne manquent jamais de m'inspirer. Bien entendu, je suis jalouse de son talent.

Ses filles sont instruites à la maison. Et le sujet de l'école à la maison est un sujet qui me travaille chaque fois que je le rencontre. J'aimerais bien... mais je ne pourrais pas... à moins qu'en fait je ne veuille pas vraiment... Pourtant si je pouvais...

Il y a sur wikipedia un bon article sur le sujet. Allez-y voir, et dites-moi ce que vous en pensez.

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Erica a dit…

This will be my first comment as I am rather new to your blog, but I am enjoying your posts! I know what you mean about those photographs! They are amazing. My sister-in-law is a photographer and she makes me green with envy all too often. I too think about homeschooling although my two children are still young enough that I have a little time before I make my decision. I hope you have a lovely day!