20 nov. 2006

One blue little not-so-gnomey hat


Yes, yes I have been knitting a lot. Many hats for the family, one sweater for me, a shawl, two scarves...


Here is the little blue hat I knitted for my almost one year old son. Do you remember how about one year ago I wished I could knit to do the lovely gnomey hat? Well, now I have adapted the gnomey hat to my wool, needs and tastes. And I love my son's perfect new hat! He seems to like it too, as he never tries to take it away, as he does with other commercial hats.


Modifications to the pattern:
- took off the pompoms. They are nice, but wayyy too easy to take off and destroy, as B. has demonstrated on his hat and her sister's too.
- modified the shape of the flaps, and added a band and a nice button for firm stay-on. I often carry my son on my back, and do not really wish to knit again and again the same pattern and wool, as nice they may be.
- forgot to change the diminutions rythm on the top, then adapted myself and modified completely the end, to add a fun knot.

Maybe I change some other things. I have finished it the 23th of october, and have a short memory for some details (like how much short-rows I put in the first sock of the pair I am actually knitting...)

Things to note:
- it is perfectly possible to knit an i-cord on one long circular needle. You just need a very flexible cable, and quite a bit or patience.
- simple plain merino is the best for stitch definition and softness on top of baby's head.
- this hat is really perfect, in size, elasticity and form. I really should have taken better notes when doing it.


On another side, I am trying to be patient, and use a very simple tool to create a very simple thing: yarn!


And just for the beauty of the colour, here is an old photo of a used-to-be WIP that has now taken it's definitive shape (except I must find him some buttons). Note that I love the way it is warming my body just now.


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Dominique a dit…

super mignon, le bonnet !