15 janv. 2007

It's getting late here.

Of course there is no light at all. But even if I cannot share a picture, I thought I may share my joy of having finished my first "real" sweater - that is one with sleeves AND body, in an adult size - mine!
I had started it a long time ago. It was intended to be my first sweater. But I have had a hard time to find the good needles for him, and the second sleeve, knitted much after the first one, and with other needles was abominably out of gauge. I really did not wanted to knit the second sleeve with the double-pointed needles I used for number one, I was really frustrated, so I decided to use the yarn on another projec. My heart had been touched by the lotus blossom.
Again, with the lotus blossom, I found myself miserably trapped in a serie of gauge misadventures, This time it was not entirely my fault, as I finally understood that the gauge given by the pattern was a kind of dodo: no one could catch it.
After two (three?) half-knitted lotus blossom tanks, I finally gave up, and came back to the first intended project for the yarn. Fortunatelly, I had not frogged any part of it, excepted the ridicule tiny sleeve. I threw away the infamous tiny circular ady's that had caused me so much gauge (and hand) pain, and decided to give a try to two circular knitting, with the inox that ressembled so much to the original doublepointed needles I used for n°1 sleeve.
To my great pleasure and wonder, the gauge and the sleeve went both perfect. I had the joy to realize how much quicker I knit now than a year before, and encouraged by those nice auspices, I quickly came to the joining point of the pattern. Then I proudly found a way to give the neck opening and collar line a better fit. I had a lot of fun.
And that fit! I really am proud of me. The few short-rows added at the bust place had been suggested on the kal I consulted for the project. But I think that I have "unvented" the use of short-rows in this pattern, for the neckline shaping. (thank you EZ for the inspiration)
Now I am glad that I waited so long to finish this sweater. I am very glad I did not frog the body of the 1rst sleeve out of frustration. I am most happy with the result, and I am in love with the yarn I used: Elsebeth Lavold Silky tweed. If it washes well ( and I am all hope here), I have a favourite sweater for the next years to come. It is beautiful and totally comfortable to wear. Did I told you I love this yarn? I do, I do.

Are you curious now?
Well, I will show you this treasure of a sweater as soon as I manage to picture him as well as he deserves it. In the meanwile, I invite you to try to guess which pattern I used. Do you want some more hints?
It is in a great book.
I only sewed the underarms, but I modified the pattern slightly on all the borders.
I am not the first to knit him - by far.
Do you think you know? Give me a comment!
And if anyone would like to suggest me another fantastic, if you please?

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hesira a dit…

HI! Quite some time back you commented on my blog, and for a reason I do not know, I failed to respond to you. I'm glad your sweater turned out well. I'll venture to guess it was Enid? I only say that because I'm knitting that one myself.

I hope you pop back in to my blog sometime.