31 mai 2007

Whiplash splash cushion

I am plunging now, and feel like i am cheating...

I bet that some of you have already sawn this little cushion, my most popular photo in flickr, and a most beloved object at home. I always smile when my eyes fall on him.

I love the colours, I love all the fabrics I used, I love the quilted circles on it, I love all its imperfection, I love the firm bumpiness of the cushion, and the fact that deep inside it is the my favourite cushion of my childhood. It has lived many lifes, but I remember the feel and the image of the dog that was on it, when I used to sleep on it in my parent's car.

This was the first patchwork project I've made with my (then) brand new sewing machine, and I could not be happier with the result. I used the funny trick that helps me make circles, and the nifty on/off button that frees my leg and helps me relax when sewing. The back is quilted in random lines.

So for my first apparition in the whiplash competition, I cheat and post at the last minute an "old" cushion made new. I love it. Do you like it?

(last picture with a baby jacket, only for the scale purpose, you see? Not for the cuteness factor, or for any colourplay. No. Really.)


--------------------------EDITED TO ADD---------------------
Actually I am cheating! I just saw that it had to be made during the month of the competition. I am sorry. I swear it was a whiplash when I made this. Just in a different timeframe. Sorry again... I don't know if/how I can retire myself from the competition. Just don't vote for me, ok? Thanks.

3 commentaires:

cristina a dit…

well, either way its amazing. bright beautiful happy colors.

Weeks Ringle/Bill Kerr a dit…

We are SO excited to see this quilt because it has so many of our earlier fabrics in it and they look great! Well done!

Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr from FunQuilts

filambulle a dit…

I am honored! I LOVE your fabrics, and had very great pleasure to work with them.