12 juin 2007

a modest basalt tank

In its original incarnation, the Basalt Tank is a quite immodest pretty piece of art.
I absolutely love it, but I though that it may be better if I could actually wear my knitted piece of art at work. So I took inspiration in the clever modifications I found on the knitting nature's kal blog, posted by this talentful woman. Basically, I omitted the lower half of the two side hexagon, and added a garter-stitch / eyelets / garter stitch border at the bottom. I did not do her doubled borders in the neckline and the bottom. I thought they where a bit too heavy for my liking, and changed too much the logical, organic construction of Norah Gaughan's chef d'oeuvre.
It turned out to be really immodest. (no pictures here. I am a modest person)
But totally wearable on a white blouse. (no pictures here either. I am a lazy person)

What to do in the humid, warm weather? I really wanted to wear it alone.
First, I bought a bra.
Then I turned her frontside/back! And now of course I pretend that she was meant to be worn like that 'til the beginning!

1. basalt tank back, 2. basalt tank, 3. basalt tank, 4. basalt tank

Created with fd's Flickr Toys.

I am entirely happy with this one. I used a cotton-linen blend I bought twenty years ago. (No, I was not a knitter at all! Apparently I was an aspiring knitter for a few months...) I followed blindly Norah's explications and advices, except when I did not as before-said. I had fun from the beginning until the end. I love wearing it, and it's already been washed two or three times. This one will be worn to death. And I am already looking forward to knit a replacement basalt tank!

Thank you Norah.
Thank you kal's ladies

---(deleted whinings about not having a prettier picture to show you my lovely tank...)---

3 commentaires:

knititch a dit…

i guess a modest knitter is the word. i suits you beautifully and i am quite interested in this book as well. norah makes beautiful patterns.

franza57 a dit…

Je le trouve superbe se pull BASALT TANK, vous l'avez réussi, une petite info Norah a sortie de nouvelles créations pour cet automne chez Berocco , le doubble clic sur leur site vaut la peine.
A bientôt. Antoinette

Christine a dit…

Il est magnifique !!