11 sept. 2009

This is why I love internet

I received the nicest message from a raveller today:

"Hi - I was in a yarn shop in Tulsa, Oklahoma (!) this morning (I live near Tulsa) and saw your Noro hat knitted up. It had a tag on it with your blog site, so I looked it up as soon as I got home.
I love your blog!!
I’ve been mostly spinning my own yarn, but I love the Noro yarn too.
I think that I will knit this hat next!
ps I also work part time at the Tulsa library. :)"

This is really what makes internet so great: the sharing, the (often nice) feedback and the serendipity of the world. :)

I also want to share some great news:
I am most honored to have one of my patterns in a newly published ebook:
"A Hat in Time, a charity knitting/crochet book with 35 different hat patterns celebrating the work of Save the Children while raising funds for this charity"
I hope it will be very successfull.
More information (also about the soon to be published paper version of the book) on the charity project's blog a hat in time

4 commentaires:

melanie a dit…

félicitations pour le patron. c'est une belle initiative que ce projet.

Mère-Grand a dit…

hey, c'est pas une prison en légo sur flickr, ce jour-là c'est une protection très solide pour la tour intérieur.
signé: la photographe du jour et coconstructrice pas flemmarde du tout

Mère-Grand a dit…

OUPS, j'ai oublié les ;-) et les :-D
les voilà:
;-) ;-) :-D :-D
signé :-/

startare a dit…

Coucou Manuèle; eh bien voici une bonne idée de cadeau pour le Noël qui s'annonce.