11 juil. 2012

Who puts a camera in it's box?

A very good news for this blog: I found my camera. Correction: he found my camera where he put it three months ago: in it's original box. That would have been the last place I would look for it.
I was looking for the colorful pouch I knit for her, in handspun yarn. Not a plain commercial cardboard thing that is only good for keeping the extra cables, manual and guarantee all together.

Who puts his camera in it's original box when not in use?

So maybe I will give you some new photos to look at in a reasonable lapse of time. :)
And btw I was lying in my last post. I still miss Australia and the potentials of the travellinglife  like mad. I need a great project. Finding a great job? Starting a thrilling dissertation? Opening a great store? I am ready.

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Ptinutz Noisette a dit…

Opening a great tea room and spinning/knitting shop... Somewhere I can go when I will be back...