7 août 2005

Two new wees and an old bear

Yesterday evening, my mother saved my (crafting) life!
She brought me my sister's sewing machine. If you can read french (or have a super-translator), you know already that mine is out of service, thanks to a very bad reparation. I cannot show you what I've done yesterday evening to test my sister's machine because it is a top-secret project, but I can tell you: although older, that machine sew a lot better than mine! Which confirm my opinion that I may have to try a check-up on mine!
The really nice thing is that this machine (my sister's) was my mother's one. It's the one I used to learn sewing, and it's the one she used to sew all kind of dress (and a huge snake) for me when I was a child. It's nice to listen to that awful noise it makes, and I find it super-pleasant to use. The VERY bad thing is that she really stinks (Why? Is there an old dead mouse in it?). And - you may have guessed - my nose, always sensitive, is now supersensitive!
So I show you only the little wees I finished handmade today, while watching les barbapapas with my small ones. They have found a dancing partner in the little old bear I made one or two years ago. Plume didn't appreciate the pants fabric I used for him (not soft enough) so she never really used him. She even rob his vest for Philipp the Monkey a few days ago. But I have make a restitution for that picture!
Sorry, the picture is ugly, but I am trying to work only on my computer - and I don't seem to have all the tools I need. Well (soupir) that's life. You can refer to the mini-quilt for an idea of the right color of the dotted fabric. The green one comes from here.

And now I am wondering: Do you, english-speaking people, know Barbapapa? You must! I couldn't believe you if you were telling me you don't!

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sarah a dit…

there is indeed a certain nostalgia to using your mother's machine...lovely bear and little wees but sadly no barbapapa here that i know of...