3 avr. 2007

one last round

As you may already know I used to embroider a lot.
I even was, I think an embroiderer.

Well, I don't take this sort of needle so often now. The knitting and spinning have kind of stolen my hands away from the embroidery hoops (that I almost never used, in fact: I loathe it). But sometimes one lady hath to fullfill her engagements, therefore, I recently took my finest silks and golden needle to create this little buzzy cheerfull friendly place for a really nice lady.

Our Round Robin may not have ended as we all hoped it would, in a human point of view, the result is still stunning in an artistic point of view, I believe. You can see more photos of this particular toile on Sylvie's blog if canalblog condescend to work for you.

And if you have very good luck, you may be able to see some details of the other works in this ancien gallery.
I was very happy with my openwork here, and enjoyed to embroider thoses rivers and theses blue and pink rows very much too. I wish I had good photos to show you the rest of my contributions. I had a great time, and I learned a lot.


Pour les françaises qui regrette ma déplorable habitude d'écrire en anglais (non mais quelle idée), vous trouverez des images et des infos sur le rr tutti punti sur le blog de sylvie (une image à tomber de sa toile à l'arrivée), et sur la galerie tutti punti de lilootes.

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Miss*Laurence a dit…

Une jolie ruche - j'ai lu l'histoire du Round Robin, quel dommage que vous ayez perdu vos brodeuses.
J'ai vu dans un magazine (Workbox if you can get it)une autre façon de fonctionner pour les travaux de groupes. Les 8 brodeuses voulaient broder une boîte à 7 pants +couvercle chacune, toutes avec des couleurs et des thèmes différents. En fait chacune a réalisé un pan pour la boîte d'une autre - je peux essayer de vous envoyer l'article si vous voulez.