7 juil. 2007

FO: White Lotus Blossom Tank

Fil: Sojabama (Schulana) (soy/bamboo) 110m/50g.
Modèle: Lotus Blossom Tank, from Interweave Knits.
Aiguilles: 4 mm circulaires
Taille: smallest, with changes

This tank is lovely, though I have had a few issues with it, and still don't really know how big it is yet, after two washing.

It is my fourth attempt to knit it! Last year I began it three times, and knit a big part of the lace part three time, always ending with a huge lump, impossible to transform into a wearable tank.

But when I bought this lovely yarn at a sad end-of-the-business sale of a RIP LYS, I wanted to find a lovely lace top to use it. And I fall in awe upon a photo of a beautiful LBT in white, on which the knitter had made lovely mods.
So I followed her.

1.- I forgot to change the needles after the lace (and I am glad I did). I used 3.5 mm to pick-up and knit the neck and armhole borders, and it really needs this for stability.

2.- The first time I wore this tank, it grew on me like thre sizes. I was happy to wear a bra! I have washed it, and it seems to be a little bit more stable now. But I could not give you any fixed dimensions now.

3.- This yarn takes ages to dry after the wash. But it is amazingly comfortable to wear on hot summer days (not that we had many here since may!). I regret not having bought the whole stock of this when the yarn shop was closing, because it is not a cheap yarn.

After all that knitting, I should have two or three Lotus Blossom Tank to wear, and I am not alone in this case, if you read the kal blog. I don't know how the designer managed to optain such a fitting little tank with her numbers and gauge, but I am very happy now with my white Lotus Blossom. I may use that construction again, but with another lace pattern. I have knit like a blanket worth of this stitch pattern, and even if it is lovely, I am sick of it.

8 commentaires:

Throws Like A Girl a dit…

Gorgeous tank! :) Thanks for the comment. How embarrassing! I did actually post later that I remembered the languages spoken in Switzerland but I didn't know that Sojabama was a made up word. How funny! :)

natstitch a dit…

Superbe! Félicitations pour ton "acharnement" ;-)

kathy in Juneau a dit…

Gorgeous!! What a wonderful knit and it looks SO lovely on you!!

Midian a dit…

Comme vous êtes adorable tous les deux !!!!!!!

Christine a dit…

Bravo !!! Il est absolument magnifique, j'adore !

Jacqueline a dit…

Il te va super bien ! très beau.
Et le chaton, qu'il est mignon.

knititch a dit…

tres jolie

Janette a dit…

That's lovely. I'll definitely make this tank!