10 déc. 2007

Sewing a Saucisson (and a snake)


In october, we've had lots of fun creating strange creatures from my daughter's old tights.


The one who has been the most excited about it is my 3 1/2 old one. Both softies shown here are his.


This is a very easy and fun thing to do. The children can help in choosing the colours, the shapes and the embellishments, and of course in stuffing the socks which is the best part for them. I was very happy to be using my big box of embroidery floss in all its colored glory.

It has been in use again yesterday for some Christmas Tree ornaments. Maybe I'll get a chance to show them here?

2 commentaires:

Oiyi a dit…

Very cute!

Me a dit…

on a les meme collants rayes, nous, mais ils nous serviront une autre annee....


et j'adore ton gilet Drops!