10 déc. 2007

FO: Grey Drops Jacket

I love my Grey Drops Jacket.

grey drops cardigan

This is a free pattern from Drops design.

grey drops cardigan

The yarn is a cheap Manor Home yarn: Leysin. This is a strange yarn: the core is in a blended synthetic, and pure wool (I think) is all around. It is bulky but light, and I hope it will age ok.
If not, I may knit this jacket again in a more luxuous yarn, because I love it and wear it constantly since I've finished it, in the end of october!
I am not totally satisfied with my choice of buttons (found in my reuse stash). but they are doing their job.
Oh, and I have finally had the nerve to wash my jacket. It has grown a little bit, but it is still totally lovable. Many thanks to the Drops design team for the pattern!

I have lots more details on ravelry. Sorry for the outsiders! Please ask me if you need more details and I will try to answer.

!!!Lien sur le modèle en français!!!

(pics by my then not-yet 7 yrs old daughter. She is now. Time flies and I own her a post here.)

7 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

Love your jacket. It is fantastic. Enjoy it!

Oiyi a dit…

It looks wonderful!

niqui a dit…

vraiment très joli ce modèle !

fleur a dit…

Oui, très sympa!

filambulle a dit…

Le modèle existe aussi en français les filles!!

MarieH a dit…

C'est bien agréable ici aussi. Très très belle veste.

melusine_tricote a dit…

cette veste est une vraie réussite, et en plus, elle te va à ravir. Félicitations, beau travail !