25 févr. 2008

unblogged: Good Friend Noro pullover

I don't know why I never wrote a post about this sweater:

It is my second adult sweater (but I finished it before the Hourglass), and the first I knit without a pattern (but with my trusty Knitting Workshop always at my side). It could be a couple of inches longer, but I love the colours of the Noro Big Kureyon, the warmth of the wool, the rustic but not itchy feel of the single yarn. I am particulary proud of the not-quite-raglan line of the shoulder decreasing, a little bit disapointed that the special desiging of the bottom rib does not show more, and totally happy with the short-row placed neckline.

I am a little on the unblogged side myself apparently. Well if you really want to know, in no particular order:

I still knit. (like crazy)
I spin. (a little)
I have started experimenting with the knitting machine (It is irritating but very interesting. And it hurts my back.)
I have open my DMC yarn box again and embroider a little bit here and there.
The sewing machine is back on the dinner table....


The garden is calling my name since it is so warm and sunny.
I have three small children who still wants me for this and that. (and that too. and this again.)
I am back to work and university. Two weeks of holiday where much too short to feel well-rested. But the sun and the snow helped a bit to cheer me up side after the exhaustion of the semester and the exams.

All this is pretty good in fact. But then again after all this I don't really want to take pictures of my projects, less even upload them, write a post aso... Sometimes I miss my blog. But apparently not enough to kick my butt and do it.
I don't want to close it officially however. Who knows? If I am stitching again, I may even blog more some day!!
I still read the other blogs though. And of course I am very happy when I get comments, even if I cannot answer to everyone (blogger does not help me in this).

Have a Sunny February!

5 commentaires:

Oiyi a dit…

It looks like a great sweater.

Anonyme a dit…

I can only believe that our lives are busy and to squeeze in extra time blog is nearly impossible sometimes. But, it is great that you've been busy behind the scene.


la souris qui tricote a dit…

wahoo!! qu'il est beau....je suis une inconditionnelle de la laine noro, et j'aime beaucoup ce pull, superbe...

niqui a dit…

J'adore, il est magnfique !

Kristin a dit…

Wanted to say thank you for stopping by the blog and joining in the contest! :) You're welcome to head back over anytime since it seems like there's always something new going on! :) Blessings!