10 mars 2008

Living Knits

I have created a new set on my flickr account: Living Knits.
I want to collect there the photos of my knitted objects as they appear in real life, on real people.

Of course when the real people are cuter than any virtual model could be, the result is almost intolerably cute.

Of course cute is not always the right word...

(Can you recognize three of my handknits in this picture?)

But there are some little persons here no one can resist.

Fée ou papillon?

Beware! The cuteness is back!

February Baby Jacket

4 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

C'est super mimi !

Laila a dit…

That's a great idea.


gail a dit…

I love your living knits! Especially the little "february" sweater from Elizabeth Zimmerman. EZ's daughter, Meg Swansen, continues ES's knitting camps here in Wisconsin. I've been to camp twice--last summer with a friend of mine from Barcelona who came to Wisconsin just to go to camp with me!!

Anonyme a dit…

That little cardigan is super cute. I wish my knitting was better than it was. I'd love to make something like that!