14 mars 2008

Hints of spring: promenade

On the 24th of February, we went with our friends M. and B. for a walk between Croy and La Sarraz.
It was a beautiful day, still cold but not freezing.

We were looking for the graceful Niveoles:

Hints of spring: nivéoles

But we found many other hints of the coming spring :

Hints of spring 2

Most of theses photos have been taken by A.J.
My favourite is this one:

araignée verte

3 commentaires:

gail a dit…

What wonderful signs of spring in la Suisse romande. Here in Wisconsin, the snow is just beginning to melt after a long winter under many inches of snow. No spring flowers yet. However, I have a sheltered rock garden in a deep recess next to my house. Some daffodil leaves have begun to break the surface of the earth. All the little crocuses and snowdrops are still under piles of snow.

Anonyme a dit…

... nous sommes allés entre La Sallaz et Croy pour faire comme vous ... et n'avons vu que la neige partout en ce Vendredi Saint!!?!
JJJ et Plume

Prunila a dit…

Oh que des belles fleurs!!!!!
ici il pleut!!! zut!