21 juil. 2005

Thank you ladies & True colors

Ce soir, hommage à l'anglais, pour remercier celles qui m'ont inspiré cette semaine...

Thank you ladies! Thanks to you,I'm inspired. Here are some little things I've done this week, thinking of some of you... The cushion still needs to find the perfect button. The pouch is a practical one, designed to keep my keys and porte-monnaie handy when I'm taking the coffee-pause at work!

My favorite is this little wee (pattern:
here): Today afternoon, Plume said: I'm sick of being that color. Why am I not orange? So I tried to put some colors on our life. She has been very pleased. She loves to wear that kind of make up: Then when she was dancing her joy, Benoît was trying to play basketball with the cat: "Am I doing something wrong?"

And during the whole promenade and boring shopping, my daughter was delighted with her look.

Life can be very simple and colourful!

3 commentaires:

hillary a dit…

oh, look at your cute wee! can I grab the picture for my wee gallery? she's so cute :)

filambulle a dit…

Please do, Hillary. It's an honor for me! :)

Domie a dit…

quelle bonne bouille de fripouille ;-) ils sont trop mimis comme ça