2 févr. 2006

Clapomitaines in english

Here is the recipe to knit the fingerless Clapomitaines with the remaining yarn of your Clapotis.

Clapotis has been my first Big Knit. I practically learned to knit because I wanted to have one. I had great pleasure with the gorgeous thread I used to knit it, and I wanted to do something with the few remaining gramms I got. (about 40 gr. with the sampler) Unfortunatelly I did'nt have enough to knit the assorted hat I had discovered online meanwhile. It's while playing with the small sampler done at the very beginning of this adventure to try the drop stitch pattern that I discovered I may have enough yarn for some Clapomitaines. My kitchen scale and a few calculations confirmed my intuition.
I found the two-pointed needles inherited from my grandmother (and never tryed still) and made my way to use them. It took some trip to the kitchen scales, many ripping and some big brainstorming, but I managed to do it. And quite quickly, if I may say so.
I'm only sorry that my tension has greatly changed between the first and the second mitten (remember that was my very first double-pointed project), and that one is clearly than the other. You cannot see it, but I feel it. Any way, I will by no mean undo them. I'm proud of them and the defaults are parts of my knitting (pre)history.



Lorna's Lace Lion and Lamb, 40 g.
double-pointed needles 5 mm
needle 6 mm
hook 5 mm

With the large needles, cast-on 30 stitch.
Distributes on the double-pointed needles (I did 6, 6, 6 and 12)
Knit in the round with the RS clapotis rythm:
*ktbl, k3, ktbl, p1* 13 rows

Turn, drop first stitch, knit back and forth:
WS: *p5, k1*
RS: *ktbl, k3, ktbl, p1* repeat until 5 last stitches, ktbl, k3, ktbl.
5 times each.

yo, knit in the round:
*ktbl, k3, ktbl, p1*, 27 rows

*k5, drop stitch, 2yos* 1 row
*k5, 2ktbl*

Cast-off with a crochet hook, alterning one slip stitch in the knitted stitch and one chain stitch. (Would any crochet fairy help me formulate this part in a more clear language?)

Stop ends, finish unravelling all drop-stitch ladders. Send me a nice picture of your Clapotiset.


- If you are using another yarn, you may be interested to know this: To find out how many repeats of the drop-stitch motif I had to do, I enrolled my stitch sampler around my wrist. Then I calculed: 5 repeats x 6 stitches = 30 stitches to cast-on
- You can adapt the lenth easely. If you have not plenty of yarn, and a good precise scale, just do this: Before knitting, take carefuly the weight of your yarn. Then stitch your first mitten until your ball weight a little more than the half of your initial weight (be carefull to keep a reasonable margin). Then finish it, (verify once again the weight of the remainig yarn before cutting the thread) and knit the second one.
- The cast-off end of the mitt must absolutely be very loose. I tryed many solutions before creating the strange combinaison poorly explained here. I like the aspect of my crocheted cast-of, and encourage you to try it. It is very easy. I wouldn't have managed to do it otherwise, as it was the forst time in my life I've been using a crochet, ence the bad explanations. But if you are afraid of crochet (as I was before) or don't liked it, please create another border, and then show me yours!

Please write to me if you find any mistake or imprecision in the pattern. I'm a beginer in that domain, and I would like my pattern to be used and enjoyed. I am pretty sure you already have much to tell me about my english. Please do it using this adresse: ducret AT freesurf POINT ch.
Thank you very much.

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Anonyme a dit…

THANK YOU for the translation!! I just copied it down and hope to start these soon!!

Cartervater a dit…

Merci for the pattern - my French is very rusty so your translation is wonderful! I'll let you have a picture as soon as I've finished them (my hat, which you mention, didn't come out too well - far too big - so I have to redo it but it will wait until after your Clapomitaines). Ewa x

smarcoux a dit…

Hey girly

Well thanks for the pattern as I love those arm warmerss if that is what you call them and I have linked you to my blog so you may get new viewers! HOpe all is well with you and your family.
Have you got your piece done from France yet?


Anonyme a dit…

Thank you! They are tres chuc.

Anonyme a dit…

Thank you so much for your translation! I hope that one day you'll explain your discovery about how to drop the stitches more easily. My Clapotis fell off the needles awhile ago and I haven't gone back to fix it. Once I fix it, I'll try this project next and will let you know how the translation works. Thanks again for your generosity!

Anonyme a dit…

I love the pattern and want to make these as soon as I get more yarn. You are very kind and most generous to share your pattern with all of us on the internet.
Thank you. Chloe

Anonyme a dit…

Thank you so much! I also love your patterna nd will be making these for myself soon. You're the best!

Girl, Knitterupted a dit…

I have nearly a whole skein of Cherry Tree Hill silk/merino worsted left over from my first Clapotis and have been wondering what to do with it...problem solved! Thanks for sharing your brilliance with your knitsibs everywhere!

California, USA