7 sept. 2007

What next?

Another imageless post, I am afraid. Sorry!

I have finished both of my lace shawls.
The Mystery Stole 3 Have been finished and washed on Wednesday. I have no blocking wires and do not intent to buy some*. So I just patted it flat very carefully, fold in two as it is huge. The result is stunning. Not very airy, as it has not been pulled out. But a bit more casual, like a big beautiful beaded laced scarf. I may try to string block them the next time, because the edges are not as clean as I wish which hides the beads on the border.
Any way I hope to be able to take some good shot this week-end and show you what is so difficult to explain.

The Kid Silk Haze Shawl That Used to be Birch is having a bath right now. It came out much better than I hoped. I will pin block it, but I don't know how to show off the slightly ruffled border that is so lovely. I have tryed many things with that shawl, and I really think it's amazing how it turned out! I even made a crochet bind-off (scroll down)!

So now: what's next?
- I have the Bonita t-shirt on hold. It misses only one (tiny) sleeve and all the finishing. But I don't feel much inspired by a cotton t-shirt right now...
- I have this hooded cropped cardigan (found on craftsters, cann't find the thread...) that also miss only a few inches on the sleeves. But I have not the right needles for that one. I struggle with two circular INOX. Besides, I know that I will probably frog it at the end. I love the yarn, the color, the pattern. Only, you know, it's not really my style...

I would like to knit:
- Something easy to knit while watching some dumb show online (I need to stop thinking sometimes). A lace shawl is in my mind. (I can't stop that!)
- A cardigan for me, in a yummy wool I love, in a simple but interesting pattern.
- Something for one of my men, little or big. Cause they (mostly) diserve it.

I have some patterns in mind for all those three tasks, but I haven't made up my mind.

Or maybe just a hat, while waiting for the inspiration to come?

I will knit from stash. THAT is certain. So my favourite pattern from the latest Interweave Knits may well be out of the competition. I like this one too. The cabled yoke is pretty amazing. And that man's sweater I know I will knit once. Or sooner. I am not at all surprised by my selection this month. Norah Gaugham, Eunny Yang and Jared Flood are masters of their art, right? I like Kate Gilbert's latest design too. But I'll never wear something so close to my throat, neither would my sister or mother.
You will excuse me. I must return to my pattern browsing...
Have a really nice week-end, dears.

* I am on a shopping diet. Like all the Refashionistas. Only without a pledge.

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