22 nov. 2007

unblogged: pirate's hat

I cannot believe I never blogged about my Pirate's hat:

pattern: We Call Them Pirates by Adrian Bizilia from Hello Yarn
yarn: Sport 90 by Grignasco

It is my first stranded knitting project. I made it in September last year (!) for my then 2 year old son. To tell the truth I knitted it for me, but it was too small and his head is big too. He loved it imediately and has wore this hat with great pleasure on any cold occasion since. I am simply amazed that it never got lost. Hopefully it will last, as the hat will fit my son for a long time more, and the yarn is still in perfect condition.

In fact the hat looks nicer now than when I took this first picture.

I have more of this great yarn. It comes in many colours and it is strong and neat looking. (I have used it for my niece's BSJ too.) Now if only I could find my notes on this pattern I would start another one right now. I am hearing the stranded knitting call those days...

You can also have a look at the inside of the hat, or see an artsy shot of the top.

Can you guess that I love this hat? Thanks Adrian for sharing this amazing pattern with us.

4 commentaires:

lababla a dit…

je n'arrive pas à te répondre par mail (unblog a reconnu ton commentaire comme étant un spam?!!), bref...mon pseudo sur ravelry est bien aussi Lababla.Je vais voir si je te trouves à mon tour.

niqui a dit…

Super mimi ton bonnet de pirate !

Wendy a dit…

That hat is great!

I can understand about 75% of the comments, but I can't say much more than...

Cette chapeau est magnifique!

Wait, is chapeau masculine? So...

Ce chapeau est magnifique!

Wendy a dit…

Yah, high school French class has really prepared me for the international community, hasn't it?