22 nov. 2007

FO: River rapids purple socks

Pattern: River Rapids Socks by Sockbug (modified)
Yarn: Regia

I am a big fan of Sockbug's socks. This is the second time that I use her River Rapids sock pattern. I had adapted it for smaller feet, but this time I followed her a little bit more closely. Well not so much. In fact I only used the pattern and the number of stitches she recommends but that's it. I went lazy and used my generic short-rows heel and I added the same ribbing that I invented for my daughter's socks. I think it flows organically with the river rapids pattern.

These socks are knitted for bigger feet than mine either. I hope to find a worthy recipiend for them at Christmas. :)

As usual, you can find more images on flickr.

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