30 août 2007

Still Spinning

Yes I am still spinning.
To prove it today I will be proudly introducting three of my favourite skeins:

Enchanted Forest

Falkland Top by The Fiber Denn, two ply, wheelspun on my dear Suzie (Majacraft).
One is spun compressed, the other with lots of air. Just to see what it gives.
The result is ok but not thrilling texturewise although the fiber itself is great. I prefer the result when I spin two more similar singles to be plyed.
Anyway I love the colourway and the hand, and may use this on a yoke for a pullover for me.

Beauty and the Beast

Two skeins are half Merino from MaryJane's Attic, half Local Wool (offered by the very kind shepherd of the University's flock, who was stunned to be asked for wool by a spinner. First time in his life...). I washed some handfull of the fleece and spun directly from it. I must do some educating work on the gentle man, as he still have to learn how to minimize the quantity of vegetyble matter on the fleece...
The last skein is the rest of the merino plyed on itself.
The dark wool is very frizzy and bouncy. The colour is deep and lovely. The girly pink merino adds softness while the raw wool keeps the yarn from being too sweet'n cute.
I love the contrast. This experiment is a total success and i hope to try it again with a more manly colour, to knit a hat for the shepherd.

Wine Tasting

This one is my favourite.
This is from a mystery sample offered by the kind and elegant Twisted from Etsy.
She added this to my fill up the enveloppe on my first order to her! I don't know what this fibre is but it is heavenly to work with, and I am deeply in love with the resulting yarn. Can you see all the colours of the wines of the world in this yarn as I do? Do you not want to pat this lovely fuziness? Can you imagine the light and soft touch of the yarn?

I love spinning.

2 commentaires:

Midian a dit…

Absolument splendide, tu fais des merveilles avec ton Suzie, tu as aussi la tête haute vitesse?

sand354 a dit…

tes echeveaux sont superbes