18 avr. 2007

My Noro hat, a free-form recipe

Remember that hat?

Well, some of you had noticed it, and I have since regularly received queries for the pattern.
As I have no picture of my latest project, and nothing else to write about (hhhem), I thought that today was the perfect day (sooo warm and sunny) to offer you a recipe for my One Skein Noro Spiral Hat. Maybe the aussies will appreciate it. And yes, this is a very bad name. Any ideas for a better one?

- One skein of Noro Kureyon. lovely.

- Needles. circular, double pointed... your choice, but usable to knit circularly. Of course I don't remember the number. Probably the size recommended on the ball band, or on other Noro patterns. Let's see (google, google...) I guesstimate size US7, 4,5mm. Of course I noted it on a notebook's page. Yes, but which one? Where is it? Oh! I just found this information...on my blog. I noted 5.5mm (= US9) but was uncertain. Beware!

Cast-on 80 stitches. I used longtail cast-on. I almost always do. I am european, you know? Beware though: I have a BIG head, and my hat does not compress my head the tiny bit. Even slightly felted after two winters of moderate use and washing. It is big too. So you may choose to reduce the cast-on stitches by any multiple of 8 that you wish.

Join in the round. You can eventually do a small exchange dance between the first and last of your stitches to perfect the join, but I doubt very much i did this in my beginner days. I rarely do it now either. On a hat, where you have great chance to have that particular bit of knitting sitting in the middle of your forehead, I use the tail of my cast-on to close the gap and finish up perfectly the join. You may add a marker here if you dislike the looking-for-the-end-of-the-thread to recognize-the-beginning-of-my-row game.

If you want a non-curly border, rib on for a few rows. I did a 2x2 ribbing for 6 rows, but it is not my favourite part of this hat, and I would probably change this IF I do it again. I let you free here to use your imagination, or declare that you like my border and use it. Please, please tell me if you invent a great border for this hat. I would like to know.

Knit one row, remove the marker (or let it here, but it won't really help you unless you rewrite my pattern to include him in the explanations. Which is totally possible and may even be easy. But I won't do that today, thank you.)

Here starts my second favourite part of the hat:

* (yo, k6, k2tog) repeat until you meet a yarnover, then:
knit one row, until you meet a knitted yarnover. stop just before him, then go to *

repeat those two row until the hat seems "deep enough" for your liking. Mine is a bit too deep, so I would be very ill-come to give you some advice. For your information, I started my crow decreases at 15 cm high (google, google, about 6").

And here begins that glorious best part of that hat. The part that makes me so happy that I would gladly have to bow to strangers, just so that they can see the top of my head.

(yo, k5, k3tog) repeat until you meet a yarnover
knit one round until you meet a knitted yarnover, stop in front of him.
(yo, k4, k3tog) repeat until you meet a yarnover
knit one round until you meet a knitted yarnover, stop in front of him.
(yo, k3, k3tog) repeat until you meet a yarnover
knit one round until you meet a knitted yarnover, stop in front of him.
(yo, k2, k3tog) repeat until you meet a yarnover
knit one round until you meet a knitted yarnover, stop in front of him.
(yo, k1, k3tog) repeat until you meet a yarnover
knit one round until you meet a knitted yarnover, stop in front of him.
(yo, k3tog) repeat until you meet a yarnover
knit one round until you meet a knitted yarnover, stop in front of him.

k2tog all around.

Cast-off snugly in the round (break the yarn and mimik a last cast-off stitch around the first cast-off stitch to end with a perfect circle). If you'ld rather not have a hole in the top of your hat, or if you feel insecure about my casting off in the round, you can simply thread through the remaining stitches once or twice and pull tightly. But you are lousy. (not really)


I know, I know. This is a wordy recipe, full of "do as you wish" and strangely written. But hey, you can always ask me to explain it better. You can. I will try my best to answer quickly and clearly. I'll try, really.

Happy knitting.


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Anonyme a dit…

Houlala le revoila ce chapeau que j'aime ! Et zut je peux pas le faire c'est en anglais:(( dommage !
Bravo ma chère Manuele , il est vraiment joli et vous êtes tous bien beaux.

Anonyme a dit…

Superbe !

Anonyme a dit…

Je l'aime beaucoup ton chapeau, merci pour les explications !!

lababla a dit…

félicitations for the explanation and l'effort de biliguisme.ça me donne envie de défaire my one-skein-noro-hat, and knit it as yours...mais j'obterai pour l'hiver prochain sans doute...buy one skein and knit it all.
A suivre un jour prochain, une saison prochaine sur http:/lababla.unblog.fr

Unknown a dit…

C'est superbe !

Anonyme a dit…

Great hat!!

Bonnie a dit…

The swirl reminds me of soft serve ice cream. How about "Soft Serve" for a name?

Anonyme a dit…

What a nice hat! And this is the most fun knitting recipe I have ever read! I HAVE to knit this one, and I already have an idea for the edging...........

Love from Norway, sofen

N. Maria a dit…

Your hat pattern is so lovely!
Thank you for sharing it!
Maria in WA

Anonyme a dit…

I was confused by the pattern and I had heard others were too. To clarify, you must finishing the knit round and start the eyelet round on the knitting yo. If you place a marker at the beginning of the round and start after the marker on every row, you should come out perfect. I'm a pretty tight knitter and found that US9 is working perfectly. Maybe a little roomy for small heads but perfect for average and roomy enough for large.

Meli a dit…

this is beautiful! just finished one.. planning to cast on another!

suemerci a dit…

I tried it with straight needles. All good but hard to sew together so all the holes could show. I'll try it with round needles next. Thanks so much.

Suzanne a dit…

What size is your head? I tried 80 stitches and it was still too small for me. =( My head is 21.5" around. I am going to try 88 stitches today. I sure hope it works out this time. Gorgeous pattern!

Erin @ Wild Whispers a dit…

I am half done with my second Swirl hat! LOVE this pattern! Thank you for posting it!!

MegZilla a dit…


Im knitting this hat on DPNS and im just wondering, after the row of (yo, k6, 2tog ) do you knit a row?

I realize it says to but ive tried this hat several times and the pattern doesnt seem to work out, nor does it look like thats how its done.

just wondering if there is something im missing, as this is on dpns and not a circular.


Filambulle a dit…

MJ I can only answer here. I wish I could write you an email, and I hope you will be back to read this.

Yes, you knit one row between the k2tog yo etc rows. Be careful: the next k2tog goes one stitch earlier each time. This gives the diagonal effect, where all k2tog are on top of each other. Can you see it one the photos?
A chart would be helpful.
Let's try it:
- knit
o yarnover
/ k2tog
You get something like:


with knit rows in between.

I hope it will work better for you now. Please tell me, here or on ravelry.
filambulle - Manuèle

Mutuelle sante a dit…

Trés joli bonet aux couleurs harmonieuses

MegZilla a dit…

Thank you for your attempt to explain this hat to me but even with the chart it doesn't make sense.

Ive tried to knit this hat 14 times, literally, 4 times today alone, and it still wont work out.

Ive tried to chart it all out on graph paper and it still doesn't make sense.

clearly i am not meant to knit this hat.

thanks again for trying.

Filambulle a dit…

Are you knittin gin the round?
Can you send me a photo pf you attempt?
My email is filambulle AT gmail DOT com

Siegiperles a dit…

Je ne découvre seulement que maintenant ce modèle!
Il est superbe!
Existe-t-il en français finalement?

Filambulle a dit…

Ben c'est ce genre de chose qui m'ont fait renoncer à promettre qui que ce soit.
Si un jour il est traduit, il y aura un lien dans la colonne de droite du blog.

msr a dit…

Mercie mille fois! AND, you're funny, too. . . S. Riggs

Anonyme a dit…

brilliant hat, have knitted it twice. However could not work out how to do the cast off in the round at the end, so had to go for option 2. Would like to know how to do it please as I will knit some more, perfect gift for friends and family.

odette5070 a dit…

est ce que je peux avoir le tuto en français ? merci
so beautiful, can I have the french pattern ? thanks

lamamie a dit…

Depuis 2007 tu as promis de le faire en français..... J,attends toujours

Anonyme a dit…

Bonjour, a-il été traduit en français? Merci

Kitt E.Furniture a dit…

Encore! Encore! As soon as I ball my yarn I am off! I love the way you wrote this pattern!

KHG01 a dit…

This is exactly how to knit this pattern without error, I needed the marker to be sure I did it right and it came out beautiful! Thank you!

Filambulle a dit…

Publié en français!!! Si, si! Vous n'y croyiez plus, hein? J'ai mis moins de dix ans!!!!

Par contre il y a des trucs bizarre mais je vais les réparer...

joan a dit…

Thank you for this pattern. I've knitted it once before and recently lost it. I bought another ball today in the hope that I could find the pattern again. It is a lovely quick and easy project. Cheers, j

OHolly a dit…

I'm fairly new to knitting and haven't used circular needles much, but decided to give it a try with this hat (because I LOVE it!). Your instructions don't say anything about when to switch to double pointed needles if working with circular. As the number of stitches became fewer and my circulars remained the same size I was stretching and tugging before realizing that I would ruin the shape. I switched to DPNs, but think I need to undo a few rows and rework them on DPNs to tighten it up. I'm hoping one of the ladies in my knitting group can help me with this and I can salvage this hat! You might want to edit your directions to include a note about when to switch to DPNs if using circular needles. Thanks!

Filambulle a dit…

OHolly, Thank you for your feedback.
I always use magic loop when knitting with circular needles so I cannot really tell when you need to change for double pointed. It also depends on the circular needles you are using.

Unknown a dit…
Ce commentaire a été supprimé par un administrateur du blog.
Filambulle a dit…

Thanks to everyone for your interest in and appreciation of my Noro spiral hat.

Please understand that the pattern is free, was published a long time ago, and has lots of finished projects in Ravelry that may answer some questions. Writing patterns seems easy enough, but it takes lots of time and attention to try to make them as good as possible.

I hope everyone will understand that I am not willing to put more time in this free pattern.

Carol Mon a dit…

Have you ever tried it with a seed stitch border? I did it with ribbing pattern but don't like the way I rib so I am going to try again with a seed pattern border.